Saturday, 30 March 2013

Typical thin to fat girl logic

>have group of friends
>the quiet nerd of the group, I imagine they don't know why they invite me places
>decide to workout
>about a year later we hit the beach
>everyone is like "wow anon you got buff"
>fat girl, who was super thin in highschool starts flirting with me
>ignore her
>weeks of this goes by
>one of her friends tells me at a party that I'm being a dick to her
>"How am I a dick?"
>"She LIKES you anon and you're just toying her around and leading her on"
>"No I'm not. I ignore her."
>"but why man? Why"
>later that night after what seems like hours of intensive questioning I finally crack and admit I don't like her because she's rude, annoying and fat
>"But just give me a chance man! Don't be so shallow! I've been your friend for years just give me a chance."
>this bitch is so fat and stupid that she is trying to guilt her way to my dick
>I'm now known as shallow and a jerk and they are badmouthing me to my face instead of keeping it behind my back
>one of the betas in the group is trying to get her to fuck him

If she didn't delete her myspace I would post some before and after pics

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